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Augmented Reality

This emerging technology enables new ways of thinking, seeing, interacting, engaging and communicating with your audience at a multi-sensory level.

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3D animation & CGI

We create unforgettable experiences with live action CGI, 3D animation, Compositing, film production and direction, for all kinds of platforms and media.

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Starting with audience and business insight, we blend strong user experience, creativity and technical innovation to create stunning digital experiences.

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Our Story

The changing media and technology landscape requires a new kind of company with innovation at its core. Spectre works in partnership with clients to deliver thought leadership and highly effective solutions, that people want to experience, use and share.

Starting with audience and business insight, we combine creativity and innovation to inspire people and change behaviour. Our ideas leverage the power of emerging mobile and wearable technology, providing a single cohesive platform, that unites your existing media and tech channels.

Our multidisciplinary team of strategists, creatives, designers, developers and producers, work with you to better design, develop and deploy your technology properties, to deliver the best solution for your business and it's audience.

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Building the augmented dream: Why consumers love 'design your own' AR product experiences Everyone loves receiving something 'just for you'...

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