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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is future technology for the now. This rapidly emerging medium enables new ways of thinking, seeing, interacting, engaging and communicating with your audience at a multi-sensory level.

AR is an amazing visualisation tool, placing virtual product, property and vehicles in the hands of your audience - any time, any place. But that is by no means all augmented reality is good for. AR can have a profound impact on your sales and marketing, helping to drive:

  • Engagement
  • Acquisition
  • Commerce
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence

We conceive, design and build augmented reality experiences for people, brands and business.

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Augmented reality places your products in the hands of your audience - anywhere. Deliver virtual product ranges in the real-world environment, through your audience’s mobile device. Provide greater product involvement and customer understanding to increase buying confidence and sales. Drive loyalty and capture user behaviour analtyics to understand your audience and improve conversion rates.


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Real Estate

Real Estate

We create virtual real estate experiences to wow your audience. We deliver 3D site models and internal environments that can be experienced anywhere, at any scale, through the screen of a mobile device. At home, a sales office, even on a site, putting a whole new level of realism in the hands of the people that matter - from multi-buy investors through to the end customer.

Real Estate

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Games & Experiences

Games & Experiences

Augmented reality is the next generation of gaming and experience. It adds a whole new dimension to traditional mobile games or digital experiences and is amazing for user engagement, acquisition, activation and loyalty. We create AR games, experiences and solutions for a vast range of consumer and corporate clients.

Games & Experiences

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We use augmented reality to visualise and sell vehicles like never before. Increase sales by raising customer involvement to a new level. Explain products in a more compelling and effective way. Place virtual cars at the homes of prospective customers, let them choose their bespoke options and then see the car inside and out. Create immersive showroom experiences, then extend the sales cycle with mobile AR experiences.


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What do augmented reality apps look like?

Take a look at some examples of our mobile AR experiences


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It’s easy as one, two, three!

1. Download the app
2. Locate the marker with your device
    (a press ad, a business card, a brochure, even a billboard – any kind of 2D image)
3. Be amazed! Incredible virtual content in your real-world environment

Augmented Reality - How it works


Portability - your brand content in your audiences hand - anywhere
Engagement - customers want to interact and communicate with your brand and products, let them
Social - encourage user generated content and connect with social network sites
Bridge - between printed media and the digital space
Awareness - build brand awareness and revenue streams
ROI - track user behaviour, sales, dwell time and conversion rates
CRM insight - provides you with intelligence for product or service development

360º integration

Augmented reality not only works with other existing media (eg 2D imagery) to trigger engaging and meaningful digital experiences, it helps drive your wider activity. We use AR as a ‘glue’ that integrates, supports and strengthens the other media channels within your marketing strategy.

AR 360 diagramAR works with:

  • Mobile
  • Online
  • Social
  • Print & press
  • Packaging
  • POS
  • Events
  • Outdoor 

How can augmented reality work for you?

What do you need? We use augmented reality to create really powerful brand experiences, content, sales and marketing tools, or even enhanced user interaction for technical applications.

Augmented reality is great for:

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