Augmented Reality


The CommandPost app is an Augmented Reality (AR) browser from Spectre.

It removes much of the upfront time and cost associated with bespoke AR development, and enables businesses to publish and manage a broad range of AR content, quickly and easily.

It allows audiences of all kinds to experience incredible AR content like 3D CGI, 360º VR and AR video, in their own real-world environment, directly through the screen of their mobile or tablet - any time, any place.

Better still, CommandPost can trigger AR content from a range of targets, including 2D graphics (eg print, outdoor etc), 3D objects (products, packaging, buildings), or geo-location, so will seemlessly integrate with your existing media and enhance your marketing campaigns.


Watch CommandPost in action


Try the demo!

1. Download from the App Store or Google Play using the links below

2. Save and print the demo AR marker:
- Tap the 'i' help menu icon bottom left
- Tap the 'click here' link in the help menu instructions

3. Choose from the different examples in the content menu on the right of the screen, including:
- LaFerrari 3D exterior (use the AR marker)
- LaFerrari 360º interior tour (gyroscope & swipe control)
- AR video example (use the AR marker) 

Download the app free for iOS and Android

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