augmented reality/3D animation & CGI

Liora AR jewellery

Working with our friends at 1000heads, we've built an augmented reality experience for Liora Jewellery.
The app is an integral component of an in-store campaign targetting consumers. The target audience are given branded hand-outs that include details of the products, instructions on downloading the app, and small Liora stickers that act as the AR marker.

First, users download the app and place the Liora sticker on their wrist. They are then able to view photo-real 3D models of the Liora bracelets on their wrist, through the screen of their mobile device (phone or tablet). The app also includes a loyalty competition sign-up and snap-&-share social integration.

People can engage with the experience both in-store at the time, or at their leisure, therefore extending the sales journey and increasing the likelihood of potential sales conversions.

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