Vodafone HR augmented reality

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Vodafone employs more than 86,400 people, with revenues of over £41bn ($53bn). Like any successful organisation, they aim to attract and retain talented, committed people to their business. A major challenge for an organisation of this scale is employee awareness. People simply don’t know about the array of roles, benefits and incentives, offered by Vodafone.

We used innovation as a means to drive audience engagement and improve employee learning. We developed an augmented reality experience for iOS and Android, published via the Deeper mixed reality browser app, that enables users to view a stylised 3D version of the global HQ, Vodafone Campus, augmented in the real-world. Different buildings and elements of the campus form interactive hotspots, unlocking an array of content and info, on the range or employee benefits.

• The experience is now being used as a core part of Vodafone’s HR team’s ongoing awareness campaign
• Initial response has been really positive from client stakeholders and target audience, increasing footfall and employee engagement at the ongoing HR events
• Analytics from event activity are being used to gain behaviour intelligence and shape ongoing CRM activity

The Vodafone AR Campus

Vodafone AR 3D campus
Vodafone AR campus
Vodafone AR campus
Vodafone AR campus
Vodafone AR campus
Vodafone AR campus
Vodafone AR campus

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